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Emma's Story

Emma was the much- loved daughter of Brent and Kim Pearson and younger sister to Dallas and Jackson. In July 2015 she was killed by an impaired driver. She was sixteen years old.

To know Emma was to love her. She was always smiling. She had a wild and crazy sense of humour. She always knew how to make others laugh. She was a friend to all. She lived her life with passion and made every minute count. Free spirited and independent, with a touch of ‘wild child’, she always did her own thing. And you could count on Emma to tell you exactly what she was thinking.

Emma excelled in school, having just completed Gr 10 with a 90% average. She was smart and she worked hard. She was a valued member of the Girls’ JV Soccer team for two years. She loved soccer and her teammates. To them she will always be emmap.

She was truly happy when she was riding her dirt bike. When she turned 16 in May 2015, she aced the tests and got her driver’s permit. She was so excited driving back to school that day. A few weeks later she completed the Motorcycle Safety course and went for her license. She aced that test too!

Above all, Emma loved her family and friends.
She was always saying “I love you”.

For many years, Emma spent time every summer at Shiktehawk Bible Camp. She was a camper, a volunteer and finally worked part-time as a lifeguard. She had just started her first real summer job at the Centreville pool as a full-time lifeguard. She loved it, especially teaching little ones swimming lessons.

Above all, Emma loved her family and friends. She was always saying “I love you”. She adored her brothers and they her. If she wasn’t hanging out with friends, she was texting or snapchatting them, while listening to music on her iPod, while watching Netflix and painting her nails.

She loved her horse Charlie, her cat Oreo, the family dog Beau and her two goldfish. She had dreams of becoming a vet one day.

Emma made this world a better place. She had a big heart. She was a friend to those who needed one. We wanted to honour her and to give back to our community that had supported us.

We heard about a women’s shelter having a pajama drive elsewhere and the seed was planted. Emma loved pajamas! She’d often change into them as soon as she got home from school. She had so many pairs…fleece, flannel, onesies..lots to choose from. Not everyone is as fortunate. At Christmastime especially, everyone deserves a new pair of comfy jammies under the tree. We had our first pajama drive in December 2015.

Our mission is to spread the love we have for Emma to others, one pair of pajamas at a time, with a message of comfort, hope and love.

Emma inspires us daily to be live, love and laugh.
Emma’s PJs is her legacy.


Kim Pearson

Emma's mom

Emma’s PJs

1470 Route 580

Glassville, NB

E7L 1R5

Tel: (506) 246-8115

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